U-Ranking compares 3,600 official bachelor’s degrees from 70 universities and offers information on cut-off marks, registration fees and employability indicators.

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The ISSUE project (Synthetic Indicators of the Spanish University System), developed jointly by the BBVA Foundation and the Ivie, aims to analyze the performance of Spanish universities and provides comparable and synthetic images of them.
As a result of this work, every year the rankings of universities and degrees are published, based on the study of the universities’ activities in teaching and research and innovation.

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U-Ranking of Spanish Universities

Based on 20 indicators, U-Ranking evaluates the results of teaching, research and innovation of universities.

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What methodology does U-Ranking use?

The project offers different types of rankings. The universities are classified according to their performance (U-Ranking) or their volume of results (U-Ranking Volume), which considers the combined effect of results and size. In addition to these two general rankings, other more specific ones are constructed that focus on the classification of universities in each of the dimensions that make up the mission of the universities: teaching and research and innovation (U-Ranking Dimensions).